he location of The Brompton Bar and Grill at 243 Brompton Road is a historic restaurant site that has moved with the times over the last 60 years. Post 1945, it was The Brompton Grill, one of those great Cypriot/Greek restaurants, with booths for the discreet meetings of famous politicians and their mistresses; and with spectacular flambé dishes (steak diane and crepes suzettes) off a trolley.

In 1980 it became Brasserie St Quentin, one of the first brasseries in London.  It was created by Francois O’Neill’s father Hugh O’Neill and his cousin, Quentin Crewe, the renowned restaurant critic. Under the celebrated French chef, Charles Plumex, and maitre'd, Didier Garnier, it gained an international reputation for its menus and ambiance. After 28 years Brasserie St Quentin is now the location of the award winning Brompton Bar and Grill.